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2018-2019 Season Notes

2018 / 2019 Highlights

Eleventh Season

Welcomed a new MSG Head Coach, David Jones
Welcome to new JVB Head Coach, Steve Rank
Welcome to returning coach, Reggie Chapple
Welcome to our new Student & Interim Coaches, Stacy Rank, Matthew Wright, Franklin McMahan, Adriana Morgart

1st Home game played on our new alternate home gym: First Baptist Church of Cary

Sabres added new team: MSB-D

Most players ever in Sabres program: 78
Most families ever in Sabres program: 61

Most Sabres games played in season: 203

Most MSG points scored in a season: 1247

Most VB points scored in a season: 2016

Kenzie Hart Sabres all-time Varsity Girls scoring champion >1500

SWS have won a NCHEAC State titles four years in a row.

Three NCHEAC Regional Championships: MSB, VG, VB
One NCHEAC State Championships: MSB
Three NCHEAC State runner-up: MSG, VG, VB

NCHEAC All-Conference Awards
Kenzie Hart, Liv Hart, Allie Dalola, Abbie George, Austin Manley, Chase Edwards

NCHEAC State Tournament Awards
Kenzie Hart, Liv Hart, Joseph Dalola, Chase Edwards, Julia Hughes, Mia Jones, Brandon Anderson, Jackson Jones, Jacob Webb

NCHEAC Regional Tournament Awards
Allie Dalola, Liv Hart, Kenzie Hart, Grant Horvath, Austin Manley, Jack Wredberg, Daniel Baker, Branden Anderson, Devin Ford, Jackson Jones, Julia Hughes, Mia Jones

NCHEAC VG ‘Coach of Year’ Award: Reggie Chapple

East Coast Nationals:
All six (6) SWS teams competed in Lynchburg.
Sabres continue the three streak of winning a HSPN National Championship: MSG
First time MSG have won a HSPN Grand Championship
VG finished 4th in Championship Bracket the 18U Girls (4th out of 20 teams)
JVG finished 3rd out of 4 teams in the 16U Girls
MSG finished 1st in Championship bracket out of 8 teams in the 14U Girls
VB finished 4th in 5A bracket of the 18U Boys (16th out of 30 teams)
JVB finished 7th out of 20 teams in the 16U Boys
MSB finished 2nd in Championship bracket of the 14U Boys (2nd out of 12 teams)
Brought home 1 banners (MSG)
Mia Jones won MVP of the East Coast Nationals for 14U Girls
Three pt contest winners: 14UB-Jackson Jones, 16UG-Liv Hart, 16UB-Drew Rank
Sabres won ½ of the available 3 pt. 1st place trophies

Graduating Seniors (8):
Lindsey Morgart
Anna Stott
Kate Rezentes
Kenzie Hart
Jackson Hoover
Grant Horvath
Matt Higdon
Tyler Cason

Service at With Love From Jesus
Players helped with refereeing for PGBC Upward, Colonial, Apex First Baptist Programs
Players helped with Coaching Spirit League
First ever Free Throw a Thon Fundraiser
Recruiting Seminar by Coach Reggie Chapple
Girls program hosted inspirational player / guest speaker: Azure Davis